Incident Management


Emergencies large and small occur every day. Regardless of their size, incidents challenge response professionals with data, information, and accurate record keeping. The COP (Common Operational Picture) has been designed to meet these challenges and more. Our system provides all users with a secure, shared picture of unfolding incidents. Organizations (civilian, military, corporate, or academic) can manage and support any number of incidents. HICS IV and NIMS compliant.

Command & Control


The process of identifying, prioritizing, and achieving strategic and tactical objectives to defeat the enemy. Throughout this process, military personnel utilize software to help ensure that critical data is disseminated to the war-fighter. Throughout this process, military personnel utilize software to help ensure that critical data is disseminated to the war-fighter. Command and Control Applications.



Biosurveillance is the continuous collection, organization, and analysis of data to achieve early detection of medical outbreaks. As such, it can limit the spread of naturally occurring diseases, such as influenza, by quickly bringing outbreaks to the attention of public health officials. It can also aid in the fight against bioterrorism by helping to diagnose rarely seen disases such as inhalation anthrax and smallpox. Surveillance applications.


Our Innovative Technologies

In short, our technology brings order to any situation where information overload is a potential problem.

  • Transform data into knowledge for decision makers
  • Constructs "The BIG Picture"
  • Ensures that subtle information is not missed
  • Enables users to spend more time problem solving and less time managing information
  • Dynamically prioritize information based on changes in situational context

Our Mission

At Situational Awareness Systems, we specialize in developing advanced information systems for the Defense, Homeland Security, and Medical domains. Our mission is to create software that delivers the right information, in the right form, at the right time.

The resulting solutions provide our users with the situational awareness needed to make the best possible decisions for any contingency. In time critical, life and death situations, this ultimately translates into saving lives and protecting property while securing company data.


Why Choose SAS?

At Situational Awareness Systems we work very closely with our customers to support customization of our software to fit their needs.

  • Rapid prototyping for immediate user feedback
  • We listen attentively to our customers and implement recommended enhancements
  • Our goal is to exceed all expectations of our customers
  • All full time software developers have, at a minimum, a masters degree in computer science/computer security