About Us

At Situational Awareness Systems, we specialize in developing advanced information systems for the Defense, Homeland Security, and Medical domains. Our mission is to create software that delivers the right information, in the right form, at the right time. The resulting solutions provide our users with the situational awareness to make the best possible decisions for any contingency. In time critical, life and death situations, this ultimately translates into saving lives and protecting property while securing company data.


  • Actively collect and organize data to transform it into actionable knowledge for decision making
  • Correlate disparate information fragments in order to construct "the BIG picture"
  • Dynamically prioritize information based on changes in situational context
  • Ensure that subtle, but important, information doesn't fall through the cracks
  • Enable our users to spend more time problem solving and less time managing information
  • In short, our technology brings order to any situation where information overload is a problem

Our Customers

At Situational Awareness Systems we work very closely with our customers to support customization of our products to fit their needs.

For customers that are interested in the development of new systems, we develop prototype systems throughout our software development process in order to receive immediate feedback from our customers. We embrace the spiral software development model and, as such, we make every effort to give our customers hands-on experience with our systems or prototypes. This is typically done by giving them remote access to our servers or by participating with them in table-top or on-site exercises. We listen attentively to our customers, collect their feedback, and implement recommended changes to make sure the end product exceeds their expectations.