Biosurveillance is the continuous collection, organization, and analysis of data to achieve early detection of medical outbreaks. As such, it can help limit the spread of naturally occurring diseases, such as influenza, by quickly bringing outbreaks to the attention of public health officials. It can also aid in the fight against bioterrorism by helping to diagnose incidents such as inhalation anthrax and smallpox.


Our BioMiner system enables users to perform disease or symptom surveillance using real time HL-7 (demographics, pharmacy transactions, ICD codes, lab/test results, chief complaints, medical observations, etc) transaction streams from medical facilities. In addition, BioMiner monitors symptoms and trends across your patient population, producing statistical summary reports of its findings.  The system employs expert knowledge to automatically detect rare, but lethal diseases (such as inhalation anthrax) and instantly alert medical professionals to the situation. It also provides an alert based system to notify personnel to the existence of these patients and provides any observed evidence regarding their current situation.

BioMiner is the perfect mechanism to quickly set up or tailor biosurveillance programs and has successfully been tested in a hospital and on data from the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (PHC).