COP Video Presentation

These are all critical incidents that your business, campus, community or region of the country may face. Emergencies- large and small- occur everyday. Regardless of their size, each incident challenges response professionals with data, information, and accurate record keeping of what happened.

But we can never predict which incident will stretch resources, activate mutual aid agreements, and require responders from different jurisdictions to work together seamlessly.

Your role as part of the Command Team makes you responsible for coordinating the response. The responsibility for casualty management, organizing transportation, and consequence management can be daunting. Your community, elected officials, and staff will want accurate progress reports to know exactly what's happening. You've trained and drilled. Your rolodex or PDA is filled with the contacts you may need. But are you really prepared for whatever is next?

Is your agency ready?

  • Despite the planning, we all second-guess things.
  • Is everything really going to work?
  • Will our team be able to handle the information that hits the Emergency Operations Center in real-time?
  • Do you have a standard method to share information so that it won't get lost later?
  • Can you track assignments and resource requests in real-time?"

There is a solution.

The Common Operational Picture, or COP for short, developed by Situational Awareness Systems, is the answer for managing the volumes of critical information and data generated during emergencies. The COP is a complete, web-based incident management system that supports interagency and interdisciplinary communications, collaboration, and cooperation.

COP was developed by people just like you- first responders, emergency managers and medical specialists.

COP is flexible, scalable, highly adaptable and configurable to your organization, department, facility or campus. It is everything you will need and the best incident management system available. the Common Operational Picture is a complete incident management system developed by real emergency response professionals. The system is your answer to the incredibly important tasks of communications, collaboration, and reporting during an incident.

It was designed to be fully compliant with the National Incident Management Systems, ICS and HICS. If you can use a computer, you will quickly learn the intuitive COP application. Additionally, Situational Awareness Systems' professionals will help you customize the COP to meet your specific needs and requirements.

At SAS, we are committed to emergency management innovation. We are currently working on incorporating voice-activated commands into the COP that will make the system even easier to use with the fast paced activities of the EOC. This highly flexible platform can be used to conduct tabletop exercises and to track full-scale or functional drills. Since the COP is web-based, you can engage partners over any distance to participate, giving you a high return on your training investment.

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