Incident Management

Incident Management deals with the detection, coordination, response and resolution of incidents.  The COP (Common Operational Picture) is a web-based, incident response and management system that provides all users with a secure, shared picture of unfolding incidents. Through the COP, all types of organizations (civil, military, corporate, or academic) can manage and support any number of incidents.

The System Provides:

  • Comprehensive incident information is in an organized fashion during all phases of the incident
  • Enables users to quickly and easily collaborate across organizational boundaries
  • Allows users to manage, communicate, assign and monitor tasks for a wide variety of incidents
  • Provides multi-level security which allows each organization to specify how and if sensitive information will be shared
  • Interactive Map with drawing/labeling capability
  • Automatic 2-way notification of personnel
  • NIMS (National Incident Management System) and HICS IV (National Incident Management Incident) compliant
  • Automatically creates and fills-in HICS IV and NIMS forms that the user can edit, save and share with his/her own organization and other organizations
  • Post Mortem analysis
  • Stand Alone, Network, Campus and external organization collaboration
  • Can be utilized by: hospitals, networks, campuses, state and local governments, universities, schools and business organizations


St. Luke's Health Network has been using the Common Operational Picture (COP) application for over a year now, and is extremely pleased with how well it meets our emergency management needs. We have used it in several different ways within our network including: full-scale Mass Causality Exercises, complex table-top exercises involving all four of our hospital sites at the same time, and of course, real incidents.

When the N1H1 influenza outbreak affected a significant number of Pennsylvanians this past winter, the COP really helped in our efforts to instantly communicate, share and coordinate information organization-wide regardless of our members' physical locations. The key features for us are the COP's ease-of-use, security, simplicity and ability to customize it to fit our changing needs. Additionally, the COP has really helped to provide our administrative team with a much clearer view of incident management and the various roles each member of our organization plays. The COP has definitely been the perfect tool to push our emergency management techniques to a whole new level.

Alan C. Lynch, CHPA, CHSP, HEM
Network Director - Safety & Security
St. Luke's Hospital & Health Network
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015