Leader Effects

As a government contractor FD Software Enterprises supports the development of NGCV CFT (New Next-Gen Combat Vehicle Cross-Functional Team) application deployment. NGCV CFT was established as part of the Army's modernization strategy and is currently led by Brig. Gen. Ross Coffman. NGCV is the second-highest modernization priority for the Army. This effort is part of a new four-star command entitled "Army Futures Command". The Army Futures Command leads a continuous transformation of Army modernization in order to provide future warfighters with the concepts, capabilities and organizational structures they need to continue to dominate the current and future battlefield.

FD Software Enterprises is working on efforts to accelerate warfare by synchronizing battlefield data with the aid of hard-held smart devices that utilize intelligence to support the warfighter. The goal is to provide the soldier with state-of-the-art applications that can look out across the battlefield, identify the threat, take in all the relevant and rapidly expanding data from drones, radar, ground robots, satellites, cameras mounted in soldier goggles, etc., synchronize that data and then provide a common operational picture and strategies for defeating the enemy. Our focus is to provide a faster picture of exactly what is happening on the battlefield, distribute the knowledge across the command and control center, and support the selection of the most appropriate battle strategies based on the available assets, the current situation, weapon-target pairing and mission goals.