Situational Awareness Systems develops innovative software for Homeland Security and National Defense. We are dedicated to providing real-time situational awareness to support decision makers during times of crisis by delivering the right information, in the right form, at the right time.

Incident Management


Emergencies large and small occur everyday. Regardless of their size, each incident challenges response professionals with data, information, and accurate record keeping. The Common Operational Picture (COP) was developed by people just like you: first responders, emergency managers and medical specialists to support incident management. The COP is a complete, web-based secure incident management system that supports interagency and interdisciplinary communications, collaboration, and cooperation. In addition, the COP is flexible, scalable, highly adaptable and configurable to your organization, department, facility or campus. HICS IV and NIMS compliant.


Command & Control


In order to ensure that critical information gets to the right war fighter at the right time, we developed the Tactical Information Prioritization System (TIPS). TIPS dynamically determines the relevance of given reports to a military unit within a theater of operations. We have developed specialized techniques to determine the relative importance of reported messages to units. We make sure that that the right information is exchanged between Coalition partners in a timely manner. Developed intelligent situational awareness systems for the Army, Air Force and Navy. Expertise in database design, mobile development, hand held devices, wireless devices and real time systems.




Biosurveillance is the continuous collection, organization, and analysis of data to achieve early detection of medical outbreaks. BioMiner enables users to perform disease or symptom surveillance using real time HL-7 (demographics, pharmacy transactions, ICD codes, lab/test results, chief complaints, medical observations, etc) transaction streams from medical facilities. In addition, BioMiner monitors symptoms and trends across your patient population, producing statistical summary reports of its findings.