Command and Control

C2 is the process of military commanders and civilian managers identifying, prioritizing, and achieving strategic and tactical objectives by exercising authority and direction over human and material resources. This is accomplished by utilizing a variety of computer-based and computer-controlled systems, many driven by decision-theoretic methods, tools, and techniques.

One area that we specialize in is performing analysis on C2 related data sources in order to ensure information is properly prioritized and sent to the right organization or person. To ensure that critical information gets to the right warfighter at the right time, we developed the Tactical Information Prioritization System (TIPS) for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

TIPS performs link mining on relational C2 databases in order to dynamically determine the relevance of a given report to a military unit within a theater of operations. Modern C2 database schemas, such as C2 Integrated Exchange Data Model (C2IEDM), support this approach through the use of multiple, overlapping cardinality relationships between battle-space objects. By leveraging this schema, we have developed specialized techniques to determine the relative importance of a reported message to a given unit. This assessment metric is a probability generated by a specialized Bayesian Network. Using TIPS, it is possible to automatically rank the priority of transmission for messages to a specified unit. Since the C2IEDM is designed for multinational interoperability, the output of TIPS can help make sure that the right information is exchanged between Coalition partners in a timely manner.

SAS provides intelligent situational awareness software to the Department of Defense. Our expertise is in the area of databases and mobile hand held wireless devices.